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What a way to start the week! Midday on Monday saw me entering the offices of the Essex Chronicle to deliver a pitch to three real-life Essex “Dragons” in the hope that we will win much needed mentoring and advertising. I knew the identity of the three Dragons and so had googled them all in plenty of time. All men. Photos of two disclosed they were sharp dressers but no photo of the third. However he is in advertising and the website looked sharp so I guessed he’d be the same. But they were still men and I sell women’s wear. And I wanted to take a couple of representative items with me to the pitch and so the question was “what should I take??” This is what I decided on!


I wanted designer items which everyone would recognise and a couple of vintage items which resonated with what is currently in store and on the catwalks. And I also wanted items which would demonstrate to these three Dragons that they could have confidence in me and that I know my onions! But I could hardly take a rail so it had to be accessories. Obvious first choice for designer wear was the Jimmy Choos. In fact they were spotted as soon as I entered reception by the lovely receptionist and Michelle from advertising.

Next were the Gucci sunglasses. Everyone knows Gucci. I took the aviators as any stylish man knows his aviators but I also wanted a feminine pair so took the other pair too – my favourites!!! So what else?? Well if you are showing off your designer pedigree there is nothing to beat Chanel. But which piece? After alot of hmming and haaing I plumped for the classic camera bag with iconic chain strap in beautiful black lamb’s leather with classic double C.

Then I needed a couple of items from The Vintage Room. I wanted to show that we have authentic designer vintage and also great iconic pieces. but I also wanted to make it clear that these pieces are saleable. So firstly I chose the 1950s vintage croc bag. It is a lovely pale warm natural colour with suede lining and lovely goldtone clasp. To demonstarte that relevance of this I took with me fashion shoot from Marie Claire in which the model was holding a Valentino bag from this season which was very similar – except for the price tag. The Valentino was £10,800!!

Lastly I chose the gorgeous navy patent vintage Christian Dior shoes. These ticked both boxes – designer vintage and relevant. Anyone with the slightest interest in fashion will have noticed mid-height block heels the last few seasons and that is exactly what these are. Once again I took along a page from a magazine these time showcasing shoes. There were a number with mid-height block heels and one pair, from L K Bennett, were a dead ringer for the Christian Dior’s!

Well I don’t know how it went – they seemed to get the business. Now it’s just a waiting game….. In the meantime you can see the online coverage here..