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Well you probably need to know what a Savvinista is first! It’s a term we have coined for style savvy people who are also money smart. It’s not a bargain hunter. Most bargain hunters are not focussed. A true Savvinista knows that it’s only a good price if you want it so much you would have paid more (bank balance allowing of course). It’s about getting your unicorn for the price of a pony.

A true Savvinista looks first at the item and then at the price tag. They don’t make for the £10 rail they make for the rail with the stuff which excited them. Because a true Savvinista is only going to buy something she loves. She would rather have a single item than a bag of bargains.

We all have it in us to be true Savvinistas. But for so long we have been bombarded non-stop with reductions, buy one get one free, time limited offers and the like that we sometimes lose sight of what it is we really want and focus on the supposed saving instead.

You know when you have a real bargain because you love it and have no qualms. And here at Now and Then – designer dress agency and vintage boutique we want you to have that feeling with every purchase. So we select only the best pieces at the best prices to offer to our customers. It may have a high end label but if it’s a bit meh! It won’t be on our shelves!

So for all you true Savvinistas out there – come and take a look in store. Or join us for our pop-up at Maisons Bar on Moulsham Street on Sunday 29 November to see a selection of our key pieces and have a glass of Prosecco ❤️❤️