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As a vintage lover and believer that vintage options exist for everyone, I was really looking forward to Dawn O’Porter in This Old Thing. And both this week and last week I have not been disappointed so far as dressing the “vintage virgins” goes – I am more ambivalent about some of the up cycling!

So this week we saw a vintage virgin, Lauren, from Essex (my neck of the woods) who loves bodycon and glamour. A self-confessed vintage phobic whose view was completely changed by Dawn taking her to Lucy in Disguise where she found three new outfits:


One of which she plans to wear on her birthday.

And also helped this week was Emma. Another vintage virgin, although not necessarily a vintage phobic! Emma just needed confidence. And look how Dawn’s vintage looks did just that:


So there we go – another week and two more vintage virgins are converted – looking forward to the next episode …… Xxxx