Right now I am part blushing (despite being alone) and part choking on laughter as I review the videos I shot on Sunday with the aim of uploading to youtube!!! – the shame, the shame….Never again will I sneer at anyone’s video effort on youtube.

I love our stock and really want to show people how vintage can work in any wardrobe. What better way than to show just that through the medium of video? How difficult can it be? The answer is more difficult than you think.

I knew lighting and staging would be a problem in the shop and so set up in the best place possible. I selected an outfit with broad appeal – jeans, white tee and leather jacket with ankle boots and a shoulder bag. A regular outfit as the aim is to show vintage as part of any wardrobe. So far, so good.

But shooting it – OMG does my voice really sound like that? And who would say something so inane? – Oops, me!!

OK I have the excuse that I was doing it all in one take, as I am a technophobe, and have no editing software. But the result is still pitiful. So for now it is back to the drawingboard with alot more respect for those people who do produce and upload a video xx