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You may think you are immune to fashion and trends – but are you? I know that I am not but had never really thought about how much fashion affects so many different aspects of life until recently.
There I was on a Monday lunchtime feverishly searching for dry sherry in M&S in Chelmsford. And all because I had read that sherry spritzers are the cocktail du jour. And that Monday night was a meeting of The Goldfish Bookclub to discuss out Christmas meet up. So rather than having a nice glass of wine I subjected my lovely friends to a hideous sherry spritzer – which was just about universally disliked.
But how odd that drinks should be subject to fashion. Yet they are. Remember white wine spritzers? Or Babycham and brandy?
And realising fashion affected drinking habits made me wonder how many other aspects of our lives are subject to fashion without us even being aware of it. Well Lets start with food. Even menu writing has changed. Instead of gravy the full christmas dinner on the menu fir your work party will probably be served with a jus or reduction. And what about what is actually on the menu? Remember these : avocado and prawns, Black Forest gateau (in fact even calling a cake a gateau), chicken Kiev and spam.
Even our choice of pets is affected by fashion. Instead of budgies and collies people now have chickens and cockapoos. Toy poodles are out but micro pigs are in!
And our gardens are not immune to fashion. For instance did you last see a monkey puzzle tree – once a common sight in front gardens. For years now gardening shows have all been about large architectural plants although now the flower does appear to be enjoying a renaissance.
But fashion does not exist in a vacuum. Politics and the financial climate are relevant. Advances and discoveries are made and the world changes – walkmans, computers, mobile phones, ipads.
But fashion is not the same as style. The real trick is to tick both boxes.
And that is the ethos behind Now and Then-designer dress agency and vintage boutique. We exist to keep the good stuff in circulation. Now and Then is at 17 Baddow Road Chelmsford CM2 0BX. – come in and see what we do – we would love to see you !