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Selling vintage clothing and accessories may seem to be a growth area but many of us are still struggling. My last post was bemoaning the dying out of small independent retailers driven to the wall by a mix if the economy and consumer lethargy. People shop online or from department stores on the main high street. This is especially so when the weather appears to have developed dementia and forgotten winter has already been this year!!

But this post is not a whinge. No one said it would be easy and I knew what I was taking on – or at least I thought I did. So it is down to me to try to turn things around.
My over riding motivation is a love of good design and the wish to keep good stuff in circulation. Vintage is not about a particular era to me – it is about design, fabric and cut. As Coco Chanel said “fashion passes, style remains”. And good vintage is about style.
And at Now and Then we are lucky enough to have a constant supply of great vintage items brought in week after week :-
Vintage Chanel costume jewellery….and then a diamanté studded 1950s “New Look” style dress


Vintage Dior bag and vintage Dior dress….

Iconic vintage evening dresses….

Vintage Gucci bag….

And the list goes on. And people generally love the shop when they come in. And not just our stock but the sales consultants too – they are all fantastic, work hard and really have a true passion for fashion and style. But even that doesn’t mean we are thriving. So now we need to advertise and let people know we are here and tell them what we do. In other words I need to work out a marketing strategy.
I know it pays to advertise but it’s difficult to know how best to allocate marketing budget for best return. And this month, for the first time, I have put serious money (well it is to me) into advertising. The usual ad in The Edge, an ad in new local mag The Moulsham Times, $15 to Facebook, a professional mailshot and The Essex Chronicle. A decent spread and so surely so ething will bear fruit? But now how on earth do I measure the effectiveness of all this?
If I see a noticeable upturn in trade and the weather brightens how do I know it was the advertising not the chane in the weather? If the weather stays the same and there is an upturn in sales then how do I know what exactly worked??? Arghhhhhhh – any ideas anyone…….