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One if the reasons that shoes are so important is the difference they can make to the look of an outfit and the way the wearer feels. Va va voom shoes make you feel fantastic. But that all starts to go pear shaped when your foot slides forward, they pinch, burn or rub. So I have a guilty secret – Clarks shoes!!! And I’m not sure I’d have felt able to share this secret had I not read a number of blogs in which Clarks shoes feature. So here are some of my favourites Clarks shoes..

These are one of my go-to evening shoes. Totally glam and with great vintage styling. Added to which they are also comfortable x

And these are another pair of great going out shoes. Again a nice vintage vibe to them! Slightly lower than the butterfly ones sbove and very comfortable to wear..

These are my favourite work shoes and are from the Mary Portas collection. I love the reptile finish on them which makes them just a bit different!!

These lovely wedge heel boots are also from the Mary collection. Not as easy to wear as some of the others but I still love them.

And these are my basic slightly rock/biker ankle boots. A timeless classic. I always have something like this in my wardrobe to wear with jeans, skirts or dresses. They just say “weekend” to me!

And last but not least flat pumps from Clarks Originals. Cute nd comfortable. Although I do wish the laces would stay done up!
Well that’s the majority of my Clarks collection. As you see mostly showing signs of wear and all in black. I try to buy other colours. I really do. On occasion I have succeeded but not from Clarks!!!
So now that I’ve confessed will you own up to owning Clarks shoes too?? Post a pic of your favourites and let’s share shoe love!!!