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@Now_and_T had a hectic hour last night keeping up with it all for #vintagehour on twitter. The theme was icons and a few of us offered up male icons. NOT the type of man who has an old-fashioned view of a women’s place but men we lust after.

First up was Roger Daltrey who was nominated by @Triflerabbit. This prompted me to look in my imaginary Little Black Book. And the first name out was Bryan Ferry – and I must say he’s still got “it” – is it just toooo cheesy to say I’d happily be his “Slave to Love”?
Then I was on a roll and the next suggestion from me was Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. It was one of those memories that popped back – his gorgeous reddish blonde hair and beautifully made up face. And I still believe men benefit from make up as much as women. More and more men are moisturising, waxing and tanning so maybe it won’t be long ….

Now I’d say Roger, Bryan and Nick (if I may use their first names??) are vintage having been around more than 25 years. But the next suggestions went back further – Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. Both great choices from @Retrobrides. Also they are greats from the silver screen whereas @Triflerabbit and I chose rock royalty.

So then I began to think who I would choose as screen icons and my first thought was James Dean and Johnny Depp. I wonder who @Triflerabbit would chose as a screen icons and who @Retrobrides would chose as rock icons.

Well if @Retrobrides or @Triflerabbit are reading this please let me know. In the meantime who are your male rock and screen icons??