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The One That Got Away (as in didn’t buy it in time!) has been a bit of a reoccurring theme this week.

Firstly my friend V, who runs a lovely vintage shop in Clare in Suffolk called The Eye of Time, had to give me the bad news that a vintage Moschino jacket I wanted has been sold – why oh why didn’t I just buy it at the time?? That being the opening night of The Eye of Time last summer. Nearby is another treasure trove, Trinders. So I popped in there and scouted round. I found a few great pieces and tried them on. No. No. No. And then …..the Moschino. A gorgeous dark red and green tartan single breasted blazer with red velvet collar and three red velvet covered heart shaped buttons. I really wanted it but put my sensible head on. It was quite er…fitted and made of wool. I might like it but would I wear it? So I left it. Six months later I still dream of it so gave V the money to buy it for me. But it was too late:(.


So when I saw a really lovely black epi Louis Vuitton bag on eBay I thought I’d bid rather than regret. I was able to bid with confidence as the seller lives in Chelmsford and let me see it first. However I was far from the only one who who liked that bag and despite going over my maximum I still lost:(.
We all know that luck, good or bad, cones in threes so i just assumed i was heading for anither disappointment – although my bank manager is probably quite happy. But no. Instead in the shop the fur has been flying (almost)! We had a gorgeous fox fur in which a customer tried on and decided to think about. She then called to say she would like it and as we know her we greed to hold it for her. It was put into the hanging room with a reserved tag on it. But, sods law, someone else saw it and wanted it. She also wanted a Fendi bag.when we explained that we couldn’t sell her the fur as it was on hold she said she wouldn’t take the bag either!!
So we lost the sale of the Fendi bag but kept our word. And the customer who bought the fox fur loves it. And then on Saturday a lovely man came in. He has bought presents for his wife from us before and they had just been burgled. Some of his wife’s bags had been taken and while she was shopping for snow boots he wanted to buy her a new one. And guess which one he chose? Yep. The Fendi!
So I lost out on the Moschino I had been lusting after for months but kept my word and had the perfect bag to cheer up someone who had had some lovely things stolen. Overall I feel ok – but if anyone sees a dark red and green tartan vintage Moschino blazer…..
And in the meantime why not share your experiences of missing out on fpgreat vintage finds…