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I love Mulberry bags and so I was a little sad when we sold our last one in December. I know it’s a shop and the idea is that the stock is for sale but I genuinely really like the majority of the items we have. That last Mulberry bag was a lovely cross-body scotchgrain bag which we had had for more than a month and no other Mulberry’s had come in. And so I had been wondering when another might come in. Then today two lovely new Mulberry bags. Lovely coincidence!

I know they are very “in” at the moment but Mulberry bags have been around for ages and the first of the two bags is a true Mulberry vintage classic. An immaculate black congo leather shoulder bag with the iconic check lining. A true classic vintage bag which epitomises the whole raison d’etre of the shop – to keep the good stuff in circulation. So lovely and timeless that I had to slap my own hand to stop myself from taking it home!

The other Mulberry handbag is a more current style tote bag in a really rich mahogany leather – the type that only improves with wear. Not that this bag has been used much either. I don’t suppose either bag will be around for long (or I may not be able to resist the much longer).

But those are not the only bags this week – others include totes by Gucci and Chloe, shoulder bags from Tods and Gucci and a Prada nylon satchel. In the vintage room we have the Mulberry congo (want want want) and a typical 1980s Versace shoulder bag as well as a lovely brown leather 1950s handbag in great condition.

The other big story this week is still fur. And I am learning all the time. We have added raccoon fur to the selection as well as another squirrel fur jacket, a really cute mink and a stunning fox. And also a really cute blonde faux fur jacket -just in time as all the other faux furs had sold!!
We also had a very popular ox this week. A lovely customer had called say she had tried on the fox and wanted to pop in later to buy it so S stuck a “reserved” ticket on it. Hmm. Sod’s law. In came another customer who looked around for ages and decided to buy a fendi monogram bag. But then she spied the fox and wanted that too. S explained it was on hold and so she said she would only take the Fendi bag if she could have the fox too. Having made a promise we couldnt break it but agreed we would call her the next day in case it wasn’t sold. And as if to prove that keeping your word is important, the Fendi bag sold today. To a lovely man who has been in before and buys for his wife – lucky lady!