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When we opened in December 2011 our biggest seller right from the start was fur – rabbit, mink, fox, lamb, musquash. But I knew next to nothing about fur. So as with many things since we started up, I had to learn PDQ.

As always the internet was great. Particularly the wonderful Vintage Fashion Guild. Their resources are truly fantastic. They have alot in their catalogue and the information is clear and to the point. I also make use of the fabric and label resources, which are fantastic too.

I also looked at sites selling furs. These help with both the look of the fur but also descriptions of how to check the fur has been proerly stored, which is really important. I have had a couple of disappointments eeing a really great coat but then finding it is crunchy from poor storage and so have rips in the skins. Unfortunately I have yet to find anything which gives hope that a poorly stored fur can be redeemed. However a supple coat can have the odd seam repaired if necessary.

last year my favourite fur was a black ponyskin coat with gold minkk collar. More than a little too small for me but looked stunning on the purchaser. This year my favourite is a tie between a white fox with white leather inserts and a lovely mongolian sheepskin. I didnt see the purchaseer but she must have looked great as S served her and persuaded me to hold the coat a couple of days!! And she certainly was lovely as after she had purchased the coat she called on the following saturday and told me that she wanted to thank S for the great service and also R who was in the shop on the day she came back. How Great!!! – not just for me but also for S and R. They are fantastic as is H!

Meanwhile I am still hoping for a mink for me to walk through the door – as well as the right coat to fill the wishes of the 5 people on our fur waiting list. And I’m confident that will happen x