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We all know that the financial value of something is what someone will pay for it. The price is what the seller will accept. And more and more these days it is becoming commonplace to haggle a bit. Not just a fairs and markets but also in shops. Indeed I am no stranger to the concept myself. But I caught myself today paying asking price to three separate stall holders at the Vintage and Retro Fair at KEGS. Why?? Because I wanted the things and the prices were all reasonable.

The purchase that most surprised me was a lovely cotton St Micheal’s 1950s circle skirt. Needed a good wash (done and it’s now drying with the scarves which also needed a wash) and is ummmmm a little close fitting. But I love it. In fact I had to go to the cashpoint to get the money to buy it. Which shows how much I wanted it because I went with th maximum I could spend and had spent it but still had to have the skirt. In fact in order to get the skirt I did two other things I never normally do – I used a cashpoint which charged a fee (£1.75!!) and I parked inconsiderately (downcast eyes in shame) – though a lovely man stood by my car to explain to anyone who needed me to move that I would just be a moment as I haven’t had a total personality change!

My next favourite item was a 1940s/50s black patent (not leather) handbag with tortoise lucite trim. Though what I really want is a lovely lucite box bag and there were none apon sale:( However this is a lovely bag which has now been wet wiped in and out and so is ready for its first outing. Which may be at the same time as my lovely skirt gets it’s first showing!

So it was a good day for me (if not my purse) and I resisted the cake!