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Yes I know it’s childish and it’s not nice but here I am this morning the only one awake and I’m waking the dog from his never-ending nap with sporadic laughter. Because every time I remember the typo I spotted earlier this morning in the description on an item for sale on HardlyEverWornIt I splutter with laughter all over again. And the worst of it is it could so easily have been me. But that hasn’t stopped me sharing – via FB, twitter, this blog and direct email to a few friends who still bother to open emails from me.

But actually, funny as it is, there is a lesson to be learnt. The HEWI item is put up for sale by an individual and so although we laugh at he typo it doesn’t change whether we buy or not. But if that was a business we might well feel very differently because it suggests something about how well the business is run if such a typo can pass unnoticed. Although in reality it could probably happen to any of us.

I would also like to say that I am not mocking the seller. I think this was probably an actual typo pure and simple. But I have seen equally funny typos that are probably the product of autocorrect imposed on a typo – hence the hysterical “damn you autocorrect”. And with any luck, the skirt will now sell. After all the reason I was reading the description in the first place is that it looked absolutely gorgeous!

Items are added to the Now and Then online shop throughout the week (when the bloody laptop is working…..whole other rant) by whoever is in the shop or by me. In an effort to ensure uniformity and full information in each listing we have a format for uploading to the online shop. But it doesn’t always work and I still come across items where, for instance, the size has not been listed next to the main picture of the item. But now I am fearful of what else may lurk in descriptions! So I am printing off a copy to keep at the shop as a reminder to us all that typos happen and when they do autocorrect often turns them into something you would NOT have wanted to say!

Anyway, you would probably like to know what the hell I am banging on about so here is a link http://www.hardlyeverwornit.com/item_detail.php?i_id=5703