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This morning all looked glum – business is far from booming, the dog had vomitted in various places around the house over night and a large cheque had bounced. And then something good happened. A lovely customer who had purchased a vintage designer jacket via the online shop (www.nowandthencollection.co.uk) emailled to say that she had received the jacket and was really pleased. But she had gone one more than that and had also tweeted her appreciation. Which was like the completion of a full circle as she had first come across the online shop as a result of a RT from someone she follows!

Appreciation is always good and businesses need recommendations. But when you run a business like this you do it because you also feel an affinity with what you sell and that means I get a real thrill when someone finds something which they really like. And there haven’t been many such thrills lately given the paucity of sales the last couple of months. I know they are down for everyone but that doesn’t really help with my bottom line.

In addition I also realised the power of @Twitter. I have been a bit slow on uptake with social media and also a bit sceptical of what it can do. Then I attended a talk given by Warren Knight of Gloople which started me thinking and so I linked to him on LinkedIn and read some of his articles. At the same time the fantastic H (who last posted on FB from Hong Kong) had linked the Now and Then – designer dress agency and vintage boutique FB page to our @Now_and_T twitter account so I am now beginning to see how the whole thing works. Which has given me hope. So much so that I have just raised the possibility of opening a second shop in London, possibly Spitalfields, with my husband. He looked like he was trying hard not to kill me….. But I haven’t given upso watch this space.