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I came back from the shop yesterday (Sunday) exhausted but elated. I had completely changed the shop by taking out the summer stock and putting out some lovely new autumn stock. It took ages but I was really happy with the result. I would have liked to change the window mannequins but was too tired – anyway they still look good and one had been changed a day or earlier by M so looked cute in grey/black wrap dress. It was the Vintage Room mannequin which I really wanted to change. She has now been wearing the same clothes for a week!!

Having worked so hard yesterday I got upthis morning for the 9-5 feeling good and had a great and productive day at work doing the other job I love. So I came home in a good mood, although starving as I am having a hungry day. Well that soon changed and the reason is the title of this entry.

last week M asked if we could accept a cheque from someone who is a client who, due to some hard luck story, had lost her cards. I agreed. It was odd but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. A couple of days later and the same person came in when K was working and convinced K to accept two more cheques for items from the shop. This woman likes the finer things in life – Biba, Fendi… Well those four cheques totalled a little under £400. I was a little worried when K told me what had happened so banked the cheques the following day – 29th August. No prizes for guessing what has happened … that’s right all four have bounced.

Now my scepticism may be misplaced here and I certainly hope so. But sadly I think I have just learned again to be less trusting. I should have learned from eBay. When I first discovered eBay a couple of years bacck I went a bit mad and got bitten a number of times with wrong items (never better than you had purchased), no item at all or item in poor condition. On a number of occasions I was treated to a hard luck story often involving funerals. At first I felt awful but after a while I wised up a bit. And now this woman and her bounced cheques have turned me into one of those very people.

For the past week I have been in talks with a lovely girl on Etsy (where we have a small shop DesignerVintageNow) for some pieces and we had agreed a price. She had worked out packing and postage to UK. I was going to pay tonight so she could ship tomorrow (as today is Labor Day in the US). Hence logging on to check my bank balance. The bounced cheques mean I cannot purchase those items. I have explained why to G but I bet she is thinking of me the way I think when I get a hard luck story as an excuse for poor behaviour. Sorry Gem at Gemstar. Really. And if I am wrong and it comes good I will be buying those things right away x