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Well in a couple of hours I start the interview process for two new Boutique Sales Consultants (BSCs). So called because the job is way more than selling in the shop. It includes taking in items, booking in new items, returning unsold items and photographing and uploading items to the website http://www.nowandthencollection.co.uk It’s a great job for someone who is really interested in fashion and design. But it is hard work and not for everybody. So although we have a large number of CVs dropped off a good few decide it’s not for them once they have read the Job Description which is given to everyone who leaves a CV. Then I have to choose the right person from the rest.YyyANow choosing the right person is always difficult but this time they step into the shoes of H. Now I knew when I took her on that she was only with us for s short time as she is off on an Australian Adventure. But that doesn’t make her leaving any easier. So what would it take to fill H size 9’s (not literally!). Well the sense here main criteria for a BSC are a love of fashion, common sense and a good work ethic. All current BSCs have this and then eachstrings something extra. What I would love in this new BSC is a flair with vintage. All help keep the Vintage Room looking great but L had a real flair for it. sadly for me L left a while back to set up her own cafe, The Lemon Tree on Moulsham Street, with her mother.

But our loss of L at Now and Then is the gain of Chelmsford as The Lemon Tree really is a great place. I usually have mozzarella and sundried tomato ciabatta with either cranberry juice, sloe lemonade or skinny cappuccino. Odd because that’s not what I have anywhere else. At Stewarts I generally have tuna mayo with tomato on baguette or baked potato and if I get a sandwich from The Farm Shop on my way into work I like ham, pickle and tomato. If I go to ACanteen then it’s probably a baked potato – but these days it is rare for me to go there.

Well that’s the independents. If I go to starbucks then I often have a skinny caramel macchiato with sugar free syrup. No idea why. I never have anything like that anywhere else. Actually, its probably the other way around and I go there when I want a skinny caramel macchiato! At the other chains it’s generally skinny cappucino or diet coke and what I eat varies. Except Pret. I love their sandwiches but find the coffee a bit strong.

And today, to give me energy and make me happy for interviewing, i will be treating myself to a skinny caramel macchiato onn the way in. Wish me luck with the interviewing!!!