Posh Pawn !!!


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Wednesday nights are spent watching Posh Pawn, the second series of the reality TV show about the owners and staff at Prestige Pawnbrokers. I’m not quite as obsessed as I was with the first series but I still don’t want to miss an episode.

I think it’s because there are many similarities between what we do at Now and Then and what they do at Prestige, it’s just that they take a much wider range – dodgems to diamonds to guitars!!! And I started to feel a bit as though the grass was greener. Until this week’s episode. Yes, there was a guitar with rock star credentials, the above-mentioned dodgems and an autograph from Neil Armstrong, as well as the personal stories from the owners. But what really got me going was a designer hand bag collection.

Yes one lady wanted to sell a small selection from her collection – including a Prada clutch, Mulberry clutch bag and an Anya Hindmarch pony skin bag as well as a YSL stingray mini muse. And we got to see her choosing which to take. What a collection – I noticed a few Prada bags, a YSL Muse bag and loads more.

Now we always have similar bags in – for instance these are in stock now such as this black caviar Chanel belt bag
: 20141213-225258-82378232.jpg
And this Louis Vuitton red epi pouchette

And this bronze YSL Mini Muse bag

And a gorgeous black Anya Hindmarch Carker

And then I saw how much was offered for 7 bags (the owner made a last minute decision to give one to her friend) and thought why would anyone sell for that when we could get more. I understand that there aren’t too many places to flog a dodgem car but designer gear is always welcomed by us – so if you have designer bags for sale, say no to Posh Pawn and yes to Now and Then. You won’t regret it!!


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